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Thunder Team Trucks

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Thunder trucks Samarria Brevard Stamped Series 147mm give you the turning response they were always known for. Thunder offers up a lightweight, durable truck that is guaranteed for life.

Thunder trucks are the weapon of choice for many technical & gnarly skaters. Low geometry along with an axle positioned closer to a pivot housing, result in them being stable and responsive. Your wheelbase gets slightly longer with these trucks. Thunder design is perfect for grinding and helps to pinch your crooks and dip your smiths. And of course, they will handle all kinds of gaps.

The O.G. Thunder Trucks, 100% backed by the Thunder Team. Proven lightning quick response, lightweight design & unmatched levels of control and strength.


  • Hanger width: 147mm
  • Axle width: 8″
  • Quick response
  • Aircraft Grade Kingpins