Public Snowboard - Vans x Public

Public Snowboard - Vans x Public

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Riders who run flat foot angles or have big feet can now ride a Public comfortably: even with its wider waist, the Public Snowboards x Vans Snowboard gets up on edge easily. It has a quartet of carbon strips in the tip and tail for capital-P Pop, and urethane sidewalls for vibration and impact mitigation. And traditional camber. The result? A floatier freestyler that errs on the side of airs. a consistent carver with the soul of a park rat, a board with iconic footwear-checkers on it.

Rocker Type

Traditional Camber – This board is cambered with a little bit of flat at the contact point. This gives the board the pop of a full camber board but with a broken-in feel that isn't catchy.


Medium Soft


True Twin


Poplar Core  Made with 100% FCS certified wood, the Poplar core offers an unbeatable strength to weight ratio.


Biax Glass  All Public Snowboards are made using Biax fiberglass, creating a smooth and consistent flex from tip to tail while allowing the board to stay nimble and predictable.

Quad Carbon  This board has four 20mm wide carbon strips int he tip and tail for a serious boost in pop.


Urethane Sidewalls  Urethane sidewalls are used on all Public snowboards for their superior dampening properties compared to industry standard ABS and P-Tex sidewalls. Urethane sidewalls are also more durable against impacts to prevent your board from delaminating.


Sintered Base  Sintered bases are more porous for maximum wax absorption, and more abrasion resistant. In other words, faster and more durable!

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Inserts