DWD Rat Board

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Let's face it, the humble rat doesn't get much love. Driven underground, forced to live on scraps, hunted, poisoned, universally loathed by civil society. And yet there it is, outsmarting predators and surviving impossible odds on the daily. Your nearest rat is likely missing an eye and half a tail but feasting on yesterday's filet mignon like a king. Heck, when you think about it, rats are totally badass - inspirational even. The Dinosaurs Will Die Rat Snowboard takes this low-fi renegade attitude to the mountain. It's made for park shredding outcasts who don't need much more than a janky rail and a few pals to have a good time. Leave the dawn patrols, Gore-Tex underwear, and big mountain conquests for dudes with no sense of humor, this deck is all about making the best of every day - rail after rail, jump after jump, season after season.