Tahoe SUP Alpine Explorer 11’ Inflatable Standup Paddleboard

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Innovation and Function have been at the core of the Tahoe SUP mission since day one and the PADDLECRAFT brings them perfectly together.  The patented thermoSUP™ construction process creates a level of durability and capacity that the standup paddleboard industry has been seeking. Combined with the stability that a true beginner needs, a design that provides an efficient glide and superior tracking, the PADDLECRAFT checks all the boxes from recreational paddling to yoga board and fishing vessel to cooler caddy.

Product Features:

  • Displacement Hull
  • Front and Rear Deck Plugs™
  • Full Grip Comfort Handle
  • Patented thermoSUP™ most Durable Construction
  • Standard Adj. Paddle
  • Touring Leash

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